Because that is our essence!


The Viventium is engaged in the struggle for a better planet in a beauty in harmony with the environment. We accept the challenge of making different, selected certified raw materials we use recyclable and / or recycled packaging and encourage consumer awareness.

The concern to produce new products without harming the environment is in our day by day. We want to transform our reality and yours, so choose awareness your next cosmetic.

We seek to meet the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We believe that natural cosmetics can contribute to sustainable beauty, preserving the environment and transforming the lives of people.


Certification is the procedure whereby a third party, independent, guarantees in writing that a product, process or service meets certain requirements, by issuing a certificate. This certificate is a guarantee that the product, process or service is different from the others. For products, certification is an instrument, usually presented in the form of a stamp or affixed on the label or packaging of the product.


IBD is the largest certifier in Latin America and the only Brazilian certifier of organic products with IFOAM accreditation (international market), ISO Guide 65 (European-market regulation EC 834/2007), Demeter (international market), USDA / NOP (North American market) and INMETRO / MAPA (Brazilian market), which makes its certificate globally accepted.

The IBD seal guarantees:

– that labeled organic products were produced in accordance with the rules and practices of organic farming.


– the labeled natural products have been produced in accordance with the guidelines for IBD natural products.


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The Brazilian Vegetarian Society (SVB) is responsible for the management of SVB seal.


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The FSC, Forest Stewardship Council is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization established to promote responsible forest management around the world.


Across its certification system, the FSC recognizes the responsible production of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make informed decisions to purchase, benefiting people and the environment as well as adding value to the business.

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