Because that is our essence!

About Us

Viventium is a Brazilian cosmetics brand that offers people the opportunity to find beauty and well-being through cosmetics made with natural and organic ingredients obtained through a balanced interaction between man, nature and the environment.

Our cosmetics are made with carefully selected ingredients in order to take care of your skin and hair health and the balance between body, mind and spirit.

The development and packages of products follow the principle of sustainability, this attitude and concern in spreading this concept can be summarized with respect to the present and future generations.

Our mission

We develop and supply cosmetics with natural and organic ingredients providing balance and well-being to our customers. We are distinguished by the quality of our products, excellence in customer service, respect to suppliers and the environment and social responsibility.

Our values

We are guided by our values in all actions and decisions we take, committing us to work with:

 –  Integrity (ethics and honesty)
 –  Respect for customers, partners and the environment
 –  Excellence in the quality of our products and service

Our vision

We will be globally recognized as an innovator in the development of natural and organic cosmetics, with excellence in quality of our products and customer service; seeking, always in our business, respect for customers, suppliers and the environment.