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What are the differences between natural, organic and sustainable cosmetics?

-Natural Cosmetics: A cosmetic is classified as natural when the formulation consists of natural ingredients or ingredients allowed for natural cosmetic formulations.

– Organic Cosmetics: Cosmetics are classified as 100% natural and have in their formulation a percentage above 95% organic ingredients. The organic ingredients are those grown following the rules of organic farming and therefore free from pesticides. They are raw materials that are tracked from planting to the time of sale to the consumer thus avoiding many allergy problems and skin irritation. They do not use animal ingredients, mineral and are not made animal testing. Labels such as the IBD ensure that the product follows this line.

– Sustainable Cosmetics: They are much more than natural and organic cosmetics. They include transparency at every stage of its production considering the supply chain, production, distribution to the social aspect. The packaging is also a major focus, with concern the use of sustainable materials and control of the waste stream.